Green Drinks events are typically held the third Wednesday of each month – and every month our host and venue changes. Here is a list of upcoming events. Drinks begin at 5:30 and our hosts greatly appreciate an email or phone RSVP so they can calculate what to provide. Don’t forget to bring your own cup/mug/goblet or whatever you prefer for temporarily housing your libations and be prepared to share ideas or inspiration for a sound future.

April 15 2015
Host: American Prairie Reserve
Location: 7 East Beall Street, Suite 100 (bottom floor)
May 20 2015
Host: Onsite Energy Inc.
Location: TBA
June 17 2015
Host: Health Works Institute
Location: 407 West Main Street
July 15 2015
Host: Property and Environmental Research Center
Location: 2048 Analysis Dr Ste A
August 19 2015
Host: Four Corners Recycling
Location: 357 Recycle Way
October 21 2015
Host: Intrinsik Architecture Oktoberfest
Location: 111 Tracy Avenue

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