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After getting started in Bozeman in March of 2008, Green Drinks continues to gain great momentum throughout the Gallatin Valley community.

While there are no requirements to be a host (although there have been some concerns expressed over hosts using styrofoam and plastic cups and utensils, not to mention serving food and beverages that are neither local/regional, nor sustainably produced), over the last few years we’ve noticed some common threads woven throughout the more successful Green Drinks evenings. “Success” has come to mean positive feedback from Green Drinks attendees – they have felt welcomed, listened-to and empowered by the concept of what Green Drinks stands for. We’ve learned that a successful evening is largely dictated by the host… so with that in mind, here are some of the characteristics we’ve seen of a successful host (some of which are found in the Code section of the official Green Drinks website,

Have a speaker who discusses their role in the sustainability movement for 10-15 minutes, or who has a general theme for the evening to help stimulate discussion… but keep the presentation short so the bulk of the evening is freeform and random.

Avoid being an advertising channel for a business or specific cause. Green Drinks is a place where everyone should feel welcome to network openly and share information and ideas.  While attendees are always interested in learning about how the host plays a role in the sustainability movement, our best hosts have done so in such a gracious and open manner that their hospitality and perspective have been warmly received.

Understand that Green Drinks is an entity that does not endorse a political party or one particular cause; however, hosts are strongly encouraged to serve local, organic, and/or sustainably-produced drinks and appetizers using reusable or at the very least recyclable cups, plates, silverware, etc.

Thanks for considering being a Green Drinks host. If you’d like to reserve one of our third Wednesdays in the future, please email Bill Kleindl at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)!

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